Group Visits

The PA Farm Show is a great event to bring groups to experience the entertaining and educational opportunities available. Below area few tips specific to groups and classes enjoying the Farm Show.


Parking: Parking for a regular vehicle is $15 per car, buses are free

Passengers can be unloaded in the bus drop off lane located just north of the circle on Cameron Street. Security will then direct the driver to the preferred parking.


Lunches: Of course we hope you’ll take advantage of the Pennsylvania agriculture that is deliciously featured in the food court, but classes are also allowed to bring their lunches. The seating in the food court area can be quite crowded. If possible it is best to plan to eat slightly off the regular lunch time. If you notify the security desk in the lobby as you arrive about when your class plans to eat, they may be able help you store the lunches.


Activities: Check the schedule for details about what will be happening when you specifically plan to come. However, there are always on going events and activities in addition to the main arena events. The Culinary Connection and Family Living stages are full of fun and educational demonstrations throughout the day.


Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center invites people to get up close and personal with the wildlife at their booth in the Main Hall as well as the Family Living Stage.


You will not want to miss the Farm Show Detectives learning stations. The stations are scattered throughout the complex and each offers an interactive opportunity to learn about agriculture. Pet an alpaca, find the queen bee in the hive, or learn how to make maple syrup from tree sap. Click on the link below for the map if you would like to have copies prior to arriving at the show. Otherwise, maps are available at all of the stations. Collect all the stamps you can and register to win prizes from Turkey Hill, perhaps even a year’s supply of ice cream!