Farm Show Exhibitors

    Welcome Farm Show Exhibitors

    We are pleased you are joining us this year.

    Take a moment to peruse the pertinent exhibitor information below.  You should be able to
    find just about everything you need for showing at the PA Farm Show.

    Food & Lodging    Directions
    Market Animal Buyer Information

    If you have not submitted your social security number please contact the livestock office at 717-787-2905. Premium checks will not be cut for exhibitors that do not have their number on file.


    Horses Breeding Beef Cattle Dairy Goats
    Breeding Sheep Junior Market Animals Boer Goats
    Breeding Swine Dairy Cattle Rabbits
    Poultry Alpaca Feed Room Price List
    Sheep Stalling Dairy Stalling

     Parking passes will be mailed out before the show


    Family Living  Commodities

    Entry tags will be mailed out as usual.