Farm Show Quests

Farm Show Detective in ActionFarm Show AgExplorer

Have you ever wondered where milk comes from? Or how important bees are to us and the food we eat? What about how much can be grown on an acre of farmland? Discover all this and more when you become a Farm Show AgExplorer.

Redesigned for the celebration of the 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show, this year’s learning stations will be focused for the entire family. Sponsored by Turkey Hill, Friends of the Farm Show Foundation, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, this unique program will still teach visitors about Pennsylvania agriculture through fun, interactive and hands-on learning. Maps will help guide our explorers throughout the complex to interactive stations. All stations will be identified by the AgExplore logo. Stations will be staffed from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Explore the Farm Show AgExplorer Learning Stations.
PHMC Historical Marker Scavenger Hunt
New Holland

Do you like scavenger hunts? Want to learn more about Pennsylvania's agricultural and food production history? Visitors to the Farm Show can search for 24 replica historical markers – including 3 new markers for 2016 - throughout the complex thanks to the efforts of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. To start your hunt, please visit the PHMC booth in the Main Hall to pick up a Scavenger Hunt booklet. For larger school groups who need multiple copies, teachers may contact Karen Galle of the PHMC Marker Program at (717) 705-4266 or or download a PDF version of the Historical Marker Booklet

The PHMC is also hosting three educational exhibits in the Main Hall including: 

  • An exhibit highlighting the services of the State Historic Preservation Office and the State Archives.
  • A display of farm equipment, rural life and demonstrations presented by PHMC Trails of History sites including Landis Valley Museum, Pennsbury Manor and Somerset Historical Center.
  • The State Museum's annual Archeology exhibit and dugout canoe.

Teach Pennsylvania’s Agricultural Heritage

Find fun, engaging lesson plans to teach your students about Pennsylvania’s agricultural and rural heritage. With more than 100 lesson plans focused on Pennsylvania’s rich history, including seven specifically related to agriculture and rural history, the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission’s website,, is a great resource to bring the farm to the classroom.