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Farm Show Memories

Pennsylvania Farm Show enthusiasts shared their fondest show memories in interviews with K.J. Wagner during the 2009 Farm Show.  Share in the Farm Show fun by listening to their stories.

Andy Loughney & Will Conyngham

Ava & Robert Hess

Avni Sanghvi


Barbara & Jim Davis

Barbara Gross


Beverly Gruber


Bill Brooks


Bill Chirdon


Bill Piper


Bill Reed


Bob Mikesell


Bobby Momerella


Boyd Wolff


Brian Scheeler


Brynn Keppler


Bunk Smith


Chad Paulensky


Charlie Jeffrey Dylan & Emily Baumgardner


Cheryl Cook


Chester Hughes


Chris Wolff


Cody Lewis & Co.


Curry Boyd


Dale Hamilton


Darren Peachy & Co


Dave Morat


Dave Musser & Co.


Dave Smith


Dave Williams


David Hill


Debora Martin Brekosky & Dorothy Martin


Denise Connelly


Dennis Grumbine


Dennis Hall


Gale Woodring & Co.


Mary Klaus


Russell Redding


Ruth Ruck & Ivy Olgeyer


Terry Etherton