2004 Pineapple Upside Down Cake Contest Winning Re
    Jane Lerew
                Preheat the oven to 350°F.  Butter the sides of a 12”-petal pan and line it with 3”-wide parchment paper strips.
                In a small saucepan, melt together stirring until smooth:
                            1 c light brown sugar                          1 stick unsalted butter
                            ¼ c light corn syrup
                Spread the sugar-butter mixture evenly over the bottom of the prepared pan and arrange fresh pineapple slices and maraschino cherries over the top of the sugar-butter layer.
                Mix or sift together in a small bowl:
                            10 oz (2 ½ c) cake flour                2 teaspoon baking powder
                            1 dash cinnamon                               ¼ teaspoon salt
                Measure and set aside:
                            ¾ cup whole milk
                In a mixer bowl, beat until fluffy:
                            2 ½ sticks unsalted butter at room temperature
                            2 cup sugar
                With the mixer still running, add:
                            5 large eggs at room temperature, one at a time, making sure each is fully incorporated before adding the next
                            3 tablespoon pineapple juice                2 teaspoon vanilla extract
                Then, at low speed, add the flour mixture in three additions alternating with the milk in two additions.  Mix briefly until a smooth batter is formed.
                Scoop the batter over the fruit in the pan and gently spread to even.
                Bake at 350°F about 1 hour 15 minutes.
                Rest 5 minutes.  Set plate on top and invert.  Wait 2 minutes and remove the pan.  Cool completely before covering.
    Deb Walker
                            ½ cup butter                                     1 cup brown sugar
                            red cherries (cut in half)                        1 can pineapple slices
                Melt butter in 10 x 13 or larger cake pan.  Spread brown sugar on melted butter.  Arrange pineapples on brown sugar.  Put a half of a red cherry in center of each pineapple ring.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
                            6 egg yolks (save whites)                       2 cups sugar
                            2 teaspoon baking powder                       10 tablespoons pineapple juice
                            2 cups flour                                        pinch of salt
                            2 to 3 drops of yellow food coloring
                Beat egg yolk until light; add sugar, pineapple juice, flour, baking powder, salt and yellow food coloring.  Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites.  Pour batter over pineapples, fill cake pan about ¾ full, will have some batter left over.  Bake for 50 to 55 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.  Remover from oven, let stand 5 minutes that turn out onto cake plate.
     Katie Myers
                            1/3 cup butter                                          1 ¾ cup sugar
                            1/3 cup butter-flavored Crisco 2 eggs
                            1 ½ teaspoon pineapple extract            2 ¾ cup flour
                            2 ½ teaspoon baking powder                       dash of salt
                            ½ cup milk                                        ¾ cup pineapple juice
                            3 teaspoon grated orange rind
                In a large mixer bowl, beat butter, Crisco, sugar, extract, and eggs.  Beat till fluffy.  Measure out dry ingredients.  Add to creamed mixture.  Alternately with pineapple juice and milk.  Fold in grated orange rind.  
    Pan Glaze:
                            ½ cup brown sugar                          ½ cup sugar
                            ¾ cup butter                                     3 tablespoon chopped pecans
                            9 pineapple slices, drained                       9 maraschino cherries
                Melt butter in medium bowl.  Add sugar.  Spread onto bottom of 12” x 2” petal pan.  Sprinkle nuts on next.  Lay pineapple tings on outside edge of petal shape.  Fill in center. Lay cherries at every ring.  Spread cake batter on top, evenly.  Bake at 350° for 45 to 50 minutes or till center comes clean.  Flip over to serve.