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HARRISBURG – Some people enjoy working with antique tractors.  Some people like to square dance.  The Roof Garden Tractor Buddies and the Middle Creek Tractor Swingers partake in both of these activities at the same time through tractor square dancing. The two groups showcased their driving abilities on Friday, January 16 at the 2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show.
Tractor square dancing is similar to regular Square Dancing, as there is a caller who tells the dancers which maneuvers to make and there are eight people in a set. The difference is the dancers are driving tractors and the square is much larger.
The Roof Garden Tractor Buddies of Somerset County consist of a caller, 14 drivers and several wives. They have been dancing together for nearly five years and attend several events and exhibitions throughout the year.
The Middle Creek Swingers are from Snider County. They have a chief caller, two associate callers and 15 drivers. They have given each of their tractors names and make up characters to go along with them. The group formed about three years ago and have been dancing around the state ever since.
The Tractor Square Dance at the Farm Show was a demonstration of how the partners work together to follow the calls.
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