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HARRISBURG – Competition was fierce as rivals Agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff and former Representative Art Hershey squared-off in the Celebrity Cow Milking Contest on Friday, Jan. 16 at the 2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show. 
With the help of his four team members, Wolff squeezed out a win, reclaimed the title from Hershey and his team by a mere one-third of a pound.
“What made the victory especially sweet,” exclaimed Sec. Wolff, “was to reclaim the title from Representative Hershey.”
Wolff and his “Milk Mavens” milked 1.9 pounds from a Guernsey cow, which happens to be his favorite breed.  His team included Pennsylvania Treasurer Robin Wiessmann, abc27 anchor Valerie Pritchett, cbs21 reporter Ben Russell, and Pennsylvania Alternate Dairy Princess Nicole Wasson.
Twenty contestants were divided into four teams with captains Wolff, Hershey, Senator Michael Brubaker and Kristin Crawford, executive director of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.  The captains filled their teams by randomly drawing names. 
Each captain developed his or her own strategy in preparation for milking. Hershey licked his fingers; Brubaker tried to sneak a head start; Crawford rubbed her hands together to warm them; and Wolff took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and tossed his tie over his shoulder.
The “Hershey Milkers” suffered an unfortunate loss as their Holstein cow sidestepped away from team members, tipping the pitcher and spilling some milk. They still managed 1.6 pounds of milk, almost enough for a bowl of cereal but not enough for a victory. Hershey’s team included General Services Secretary James Creedon, Senator Mike Waugh, WGAL Reporter Matt Barcaro and Harrisburg Stampede wide receiver Dave Dawson.
Crawford’s team, the “Milkshakes,” came in third with eight-tenths of a pound of nature’s most nearly perfect food from a Milking Shorthorn cow. The Milkshakes included Pennsylvania Dairy Princess LeeAnn Kapanick, Pennsylvania Alternate Dairy Princess Abby Trotter, Mrs. Pennsylvania Galaxy 2009 Wendy Sledd and FOX43 Reporter Troy Martin.
The fourth place team was Brubaker’s “Pennsylvania Nuggets,” who managed to wring just seven-tenths of a pound from their Jersey cow. As Brubaker poured his team’s milk into the scale, he shook the container to ensure that every drop counted. The rest of the Nuggets were Senator Sue Helm, WGAL Reporter Carrie Fairchild, Harrisburg Stampede defensive back Archie Smith, and Representative Mike Carroll.

The winners received a gift basket full of PA Preferred treats and the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association provided every contestant with a 3-A-Day of Dairy cooler bag and treats. 
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